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Watched Zetsuai 1989 and its sequel Bronze. I believe the third OVA Cathexis is just a compilation of music videos performed by Koji. While it’s not one of those hardcore yaoi OVAs I crave (ohoho), it was overall pretty good. The characters are drawn very beautifully, especially given the time it was made (sometime from the late 80s to 90s). The plot tends to be melodramatic and there’s a lot of blood too. It got really sad towards the end of the first OVA and during the second part, though I’m glad the couple kinda worked out things in the end.

It’s hard to tell who’s the seme and who’s the uke - the main characters’ roles more or less alternate between the two. Koji’s the one making all the moves, but then Izumi comes off as the more masculine of the two in general. And Koji’s the one who ends up getting into more trouble and conflict which forces Izumi to take charge. But Koji plays the dominant role in bed most of the time. Oh yeah, there’s not a whole lot of explicit sex scenes (unfortunately, haha). In Bronze, Koji looks a LOT like Sephiroth…especially when he uses those Japanese swords. Seriously. He’s got a really deep voice too for a frickin’ SIXTEEN year old. Hot damn. If he didn’t have a tendency to be stalker-ish, I’d go out with him.

If you’re new to shounen-ai or want to see something full of drama and angst, you’ll want to look into this series. See, Kanzen-san, it doesn’t have to be full of smex for it to be a good Anime about two men in love with each other.

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