uhhuh 体なに

And I can see another time
Another face, forgotten days

Multifandom/personal blog. Expect lots of stuff that is possibly irrelevant to your interests.

Me: -makes a sassy elf archer-
Me: -issues commands to her-
Character: Can I get you a ladder so you'll get off my back

Sometimes I get bored and draw crap in my classes

tagged by kujo-toshiaki for a desktop meme


- take a screenshot of your desktop
- dont change anything
- dont delete anything
- tag 5 more people

I really need to reorganize my desktop…also that folder in all caps is my fiance’s artwork cause I now share my laptop with him since his charger died.


Not gonna tag anyone |D;;;




Naruto confirmed to end in 5 weeks

i cant believe one piece won


Does anyone want free 100k+ Rift Crystals? Been farming Death in the Bloodless Stockade and thought “Hey let’s do random acts of kindness” so I’ve been hiring pawns from all over the place.

Anyway just send me your PSN via ask or something, and when I’m able to get back on the PS3, I’ll get your pawn a bunch of RC. Even a million if I can. (Magick Archers are broken lmao)


Opening commissions because I need to buy a certain gift for someone by the end of the year and it might cost at least $100 or so >_> <_<

So for that reason, I’m afraid I can’t accept in-game gold/NX/items/cat’s eyes/what have you for now.

Payments must be made via Paypal in $USD!

Send me an ask if interested. Thanks!

Track: Omerta
Artist: Katatonia
Plays: 445


Katatonia - Omerta

Come by, you have come far
All I had I lost in the flood
Come sit with me at the bar
Tell me of progress, strengthen my blood
No one here knows my name
I have traded my memories for things
But I remember you clearly
Do you remember that I used to sing?

Why have you waited so long?

Come by, you have come far
Long since I saw you, so how have you been?
Come sit with me at the bar
How long since they told you that they had found him?
No one here knows my name
I gave up my worries for one good thing
But I remember you clearly
Do you remember that I used to sing?

Was it because I never told you
I was going away
That you waited so long?
Was it because your fucking dreams
Meant nothing to me
That you waited so long?

It runs from the top of my fingers
Into my hands
What is it I have been drinking
I do not understand
I thought I’d lost you my brother
I’m so glad you came
My regards to the ones that I love I miss them
Tell them I love them I miss them

- - -

Omerta is a cultural attitude and code of honour that places heavy importance on a deep-rooted “code of silence”, non-cooperation with authorities, and non-interference in the illegal (and legal) actions of others. It originated and remains very common in Corsica and Southern Italy where Mafia-type criminal organizations such as the Cosa Nostra, ‘Ndrangheta, Sacra Corona Unita, and Camorra are strong.

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